Wolfram Management & Consulting

Leadership | Management  | E-Commerce |  Marketing  | Consulting

Involvement:Owner                                – Wolfram Management, LLC   
SYS Analyst /Consulting   – US LawShield
Owner / Inventor              – Garage Shield
Co-Founder/COO              – EARN, a 501c3 Charity
Partner/COO                      – AssetBull.com 
EXPERTISE:Business Operations & Organization | Consulting | Marketing
Project Management | MS SharePoint | WordPress | StartUps
LOCATION:Houston, TX  –  Scottsdale, AZ
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EXPERIENCE:MBA  /  Marine Corps Veteran / Starbucks Addict 
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Wolfram Management & Consulting

Leadership | Operations | Marketing | Management | Consulting | ECommerce

ENTITIES:Owner – Wolfram Management  
IT SYS Analysts – US LawShield
Owner / Inventor – Garage Shield
Co-Founder / COO – EARN, a 501c3 Charity Partner / COO – AssetBull, LLC
EXPERTISE:Business Operations & Organization Business Consulting
Start-Ups Notarial Public Operations Business Marketing
LOCATION:Houston, TX – Scottsdale, AZ
EMAIL:Click to Email
EXPERIENCE:MBA / Marine Corps Veteran / Starbucks Addict
Teams Chat:Teams: Chat Link


An innovative and proactive executive with extensive multidisciplinary exposure, Alex brings business start-up and development expertise, with an emphasis on team building and technological support and systems infrastructure. Alex has scaled several startups including an initial regional operations center (411 Directory Assistance)  from 17 to 7000+ employees nationally, and an SaaS educational delivery system from zero to 500+ sales agents in 40 countries.

My focus is on customer support and client liaisons, as well as developing core systems including Tech Stacks, Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, USPTO Patent Process, Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Security, Virtual Education/Training, general contracting, project management, accreditation process, software development, e-Commerce solutions, manufacturing, search engine development, medical software system development, non-profits, TV/Film production, and nationwide company expansion.


Multidisciplinary Exposure
DISC - High C Personality - Strong Organizational Skills 
Procedural / Process Development
Systems Implementation & Product Development
WordPress / Photoshop / Illustrator / Mac / PC / iOS / Web
Contract Negotiation & General office Leadership
Industrial / Business Psychology
Experienced Leadership & Communication (USMC)
Needs Analysis, Problem Solving
Procedural / Process Development (yep said it twice!)
SalesForce & Building CRM's
E-Commerce, Amazon, PPC Marketing




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