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Conspiracy Theories That Were True

Not trusting the government doesn’t make you a “conspiracy theorist”… It makes you a history buff.

  • The US Government Couldn’t Hide Something That Big?
    • NSA Doesn’t Exist (for 30 years) ?
    • NSA doesn’t spy on its own people?
    • Area 51 Isn’t Real?
    • The Bilderberg Group Isn’t Real?
    • Bohemian Grove Isn’t Real?
      • and the list goes on:

Why I Don't Trust the Government or Corporations:

In the 1990’s, I had the opportunity to speak privately at my home with a Chief Editor with Time Magazine.  I asked him how much of the content produced, is reviewed and approved of by the US Government BEFORE put to print.  His response back was, “ALL OF IT”.   

Let that sink in. 

 If the US GOV has a history of disinformation (see below), how can you be sure all the “crazy conspiracies” weren’t created just to hide the truth? A form of plausible deniability? Especially with all the real ‘conspiracies’ that at one time sounded insane (Click each for source Link): 

The Verdict is still out:


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