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Below is a list I created for my young children. It’s still a work in progress, but when complete and they are old enough to read/understand it, it will be a poster on their walls. I am placing it in part here, to prove I own the authorship should the material be copied elsewhere: 1/10/22

I am Strong, as there is always growth in struggle;
I am Careful, as my choices affect those around me;
I am Positive, knowing positive words empower me;
I am Happy, and happiness always finds me.

I am Honest, as others depend on my actions;
I am Humble, as there are always things to learn;
I am Forgiving, as letting go heals me;
I am Loving, and life reflects that upon me.

I am Generous, and rewarded by my giving;
I am Selfless, helping others always serves me;
I am Patient, as all things come with perfect timing;
I am Accepting, knowing God flows through us all.

I am Balanced, thinking with both my mind and heart;
I am Reflective, and the world mirrors my thoughts;
I am Enlightened, knowing my thoughts create my reality;
I am Grateful, knowing all my actions will live on.

I am the I am

Author: Alex Wolfram – 2022


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